When it comes to your eligibility for receiving a new loan, we believe that you shouldn’t be excluded if you have a poor credit history, or are still building your credit while working toward financial stability

Banks and certain loan providers will require intensive credit checks, background information and time-consuming applications before considering your request for a loan

Oxygen Loans is different, as we instead ask a core set of qualifying questions to evaluate your eligibility

These six qualifying questions have been designed to provide the simplest and most fundamental evaluation possible to ensure that a loan is the right financial decision for you and that you’ll be well-equipped to repay your loan in a timely manner

Our qualifying questions are as follows:

    • Over 18 years of age?
    • Employed earning £500+ net pm
    • Are you a UK resident?
    • Wages paid into a UK bank
    • An email address
    • A mobile phone number

If you are able to answer a confident YES to the above criteria, you meet our core criteria of eligibility. If one of the items are missing, you may be able to correct the specific missing item before applying

Could Oxygen Loans help me?

People of all ages and backgrounds require assistance bolstering their financial circumstances from time to time

Whether it’s an unexpected bill, a medical emergency, a car repair or anything else, when you need cash on hand, we’re here to help

Rather than deal with the burden of overdraft fees or uncomfortable calls asking to borrow money from loved ones, we provide transparent terms and fast cash infusions to those in need

Your application can be completed in just minutes and if you’re approved, cash can be made available via Direct Deposit quickly

We make the borrowing process as fast and easy as possible, and just three simple steps will get you well on your way to your next cash infusion:

(1) First select your required loan amount. (2) Select the term of the loan by assessing the duration you’ll require to pay back the loan. (3) Finally, fill in our application form, which we’ve consolidated to be as concise and straightforward as possible.

Although we’ve made our process incredibly easy, it’s important to remember that receiving a short-term or instalment loan via Oxygen Loans isn’t the right course of action for everyone

If repayment will be difficult or receiving a loan will compromise your current financial situation in any way, we will not advise you to proceed with receiving a loan

If either of the following points accurately describe your current financial situation, we encourage you to re-evaluate before proceeding:

  • You encounter persistent financial difficulty on a monthly basis.
  • You have existing creditors that you are unable to pay or are having difficulty repaying in any capacity.

If the above points accurately describe you, there are other resources to help. The Debt Advisory Service is a great resource with valuable information and expert advisers standing by to help you if debt has become an issue in your life. You might consider contacting a debt advisory service to help you. http://www.nationaldebtline.org/

If you have a question regarding your specific loan agreement, be sure to contact your loan provider and the direct point of contact that’s been made available to you

If you have questions to specifically be addressed by Oxygen Loans, we welcome you to contact us by emailing our Customer Support Team at customers@oxygenloans.com

We also invite you to read our frequently asked questions section for a comprehensive list of common questions and answers

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WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help and advice go to: moneyhelper.org.uk. We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. We are entered on the Financial Services Register no: 826691