We encourage you to review this page in full before finalizing your loan agreement. If you are acquiring a loan, it’s extremely important that you be aware of the terms and conditions of your loan and specifically, APR percentage, repayment terms and the total repayable amount owed at the end of the loan duration.

Only borrow an amount that you feel confident in paying back in a timely manner, and understand that a short-term loan is not a long-term solution for extensive requirements of capital or major investments. Our instalment loans however, are quite appropriate in specific times of need such as for a quick car repair or paying an unexpected bill.

Here’s a simple technique that will give you greater clarity into how appropriate a short-term loan may be for you:

(1) In order to determine whether or not a specific loan amount is appropriate for you, first estimate the amount of your disposable income.

(2) Next, subtract the total amount of your loan with interest from this original amount.

(3) If you have a comfortable amount of money left over after that equation, then it’s very possible that finding your loan through Oxygen Loans is the right decision for you!

Just like with any important decision or expense, it’s necessary to have a strong understanding of your needs, the short-term benefits and the long-term costs of your loan agreement. If you’ve reviewed all of the information made available on this page, you’ll be much better equipped to make the best possible decision.

We are proud of our position as an experienced provider within the financial industry and are proud of our commitments toward transparent business practices, industry standard levels of security and data encryption, as well as our general standards of excellence.

Part of our commitment to excellence involves our communication and fundamental understanding of our customer, so that each and every loan applicant has a firm grasp on all information available before finalizing their loan agreement and securing their cash.

With Oxygen Loans, your approved application will qualify you to borrow a loan amount ranging between £100 to £5000.

The figures shown below, including total loan amount, monthly term, interest and total repayable amount will give you transparent access into all rates and repayment amounts that may be contained within your loan.

Loan Amount £300
Repayments £124.19
Monthly Term 3
Interest Charged £72.57
Total Repayable £327.57
Loan Amount £600
Repayments £144.56
Monthly Term 6
Interest Charged £267.36
Total Repayable £867.36
Loan Amount £800
Repayments £127.16
Monthly Term 12
Interest Charged £725.92
Total Repayable £1525.92
Loan Amount £1500
Repayments £238.43
Monthly Term 12
Interest Charged £1361.12
Total Repayable £2861.12
Loan Amount £2000
Repayments £137.90
Monthly Term 12
Interest Charged £1814.83
Total Repayable £3814.80
Loan Amount £300 £600 £800 £1500 £2000
Repayments £124.19 £144.56 £127.16 £238.43 £137.90
Monthly Term 3 6 12 12 12
Interest Charged £72.57 £267.36 £725.92 £1361.12 £1814.83
Total Repayable £327.57 £867.36 £1525.92 £2861.12 £3814.80

It’s also important to remember that you are under No Obligation to proceed and ultimately accept your loan offer once your application is submitted. Only once you’ve reviewed the terms and accepted the offer will the loan agreement be finalized.

Oxygen Loans will only require the details of you Debit Card once your loan offer has been accepted and you’ve confirmed that you’d like to move ahead and confirm your loan agreement.

There are many benefits that customers across the United Kingdom find when they move ahead with their Oxygen Loan:

You’ll find some of the most common advantages listed below:

  • Easy, fast online application process
  • Safe, secure and confidential loan request
  • Apply for a loan between £100 - £5000
  • Funds can be with you 10 Minutes* *subject to final checks
    • Easy online application
    • Apply for £100 - £5000
    • 2000 applications daily
    • Open 24 hours a day
    • Secure and confidential
    • Funds in 10 Minutes**subject to final checks and processing times
    • Personalised quote
    • One simple form
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WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help and advice go to: moneyadviceservice.org.uk. We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authorityin the UK. We are entered on the Financial Services Register no: 727348